Stay the Course

Don’t you know, that once you take a clear stand for THE GOSPEL,

for LOVE,



that the enemy will fight you tooth and nail?  he will try with all his might to derail you from your path.  Let your yes be yes.  Stay the course.  Trust in a good and loving Father in heaven who supports you.



At the beginning of the year God gave me a vision, A WORD really, of what this year was going to be about.  There have been plenty of times I have lost focus, allowed the enemy to distract me, derail me.  But these failings have only emboldened me to sharpen my focus and increase my determination.  Failure is not fatal, unless you stay on the ground.  And so…

“A happy sparkle in my eye declares my joyful expectancy! The cadence of my step is pure, and my heart beats with the surety of a son walking with the Father! The Kings march forward in victorious triumph and shout with boisterous laughter – “We will see from mountain high that which few if any have seen before!” Astounding victories and wildfires and hope restored and glorious inheritance await the fierce warriors. All they need do is take the first step…”


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