To Future Generations…


Dear future generations,

I repent.

I realize my decisions, each and every one of them, has an impact on you.  When I don’t live up to my God-given potential, I am not only letting myself down, but I am letting you down as well.

When I walk with Jesus, and keep my eyes fixed on Him, it completely changes the way I live.  Instead of being so self-focused, my eyes care for the things the LORD cares for.  That is when I am able to give the most.

When I fix my eyes on myself and my circumstances, my influence becomes so small, and my generosity so weak.

Jesus, forgive me for focusing so much on myself; my needs, my wants and my dreams.

I recognize, that every decision I make affects those around me, and those to come.

I know if I follow You daily, keeping my eyes fixed upon You and walking in Your ways, those around me and future generations will be blessed.

Help me to realize the weight behind every decision and live more intentionally.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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