National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month as declared by our President.  Today, Friday January 11th, has been established as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  Now is a great time to get involved, one way or another, in the fight against human trafficking.

Here are 3 places to start:

1)  Sign up for email updates from Exodus Cry, a prayer movement to end slavery.

From prayer and awareness initiatives, to investigation and rescue operations, to restoring and reintegrating victims into society, Exodus Cry is making great strides in Prevention, Intervention, and Restoration.  They send an email about once a week with brief prayer points for each of those three focus points.


Exodus Cry recently created the Red-Light Prayer Initiative “in an effort to see red-light districts across the world transformed”.  They challenge you to pray for the Kingdom of God to come in the red-light districts every time you’re stopped at a red light.

2)  Join the 27 Project in their mission to bring awareness and provide funding through annual 27k running events throughout the United States.

Funding raised through these events will be given to organizations that are helping to prevent human trafficking, and organizations that offer restoration to those caught in human trafficking.  Pray for momentum for the 27 Project as they approach their first running event this May.  Consider training to run in one of the events, follow the website for more updates.


3)  Consider sowing financially into one of these two organizations.

I have been following both organizations as they have progressed and can say with great confidence that it would be a great investment of the money God has entrusted to you to give.  Click here to give to Exodus CryClick here to give to the 27 Project.

Finally, I want to challenge us men to commit ourselves to walking in purity.  We can help limit the demand for sex trade by being leaders in our communities when it comes to walking a path of purity.  Take time today, on National Human Trafficking Awareness day to pray and ask God how you can move forward to promote this cause in your own life.  Post this blog to your facebook or forward to friends through email, and challenge others to join you in the fight against human trafficking.

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